The Global Assistance Fund aims to provide protection and assistance services to any migrant in an extremely vulnerable situation.

Migrants eligible for protection and assistance under the Fund include:

  • Migrants vulnerable to or who have experienced violence, exploitation and abuse;
  • Victims of trafficking;
  • Unaccompanied or separated migrant children;
  • Migrants in extreme psychological and physical distress with identified protection concerns (e.g., victims of torture or rights violations; kidnap, ransom, or arbitrary detention cases, etc.);
  • Stranded and/or smuggled migrants who require return assistance (including migrants in vulnerable situations and/or migrants with health needs);
  • Migrants unable to effectively realize their human rights and/or human dignity due to an inability to meet their own basic needs or those of their dependents as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Keep in mind that it is important to identify if someone is a victim of trafficking as there are often additional protections for victims of trafficking in domestic legislations.

Please do not forget: the Fund operates as an option of last resort, only assisting migrants that are identified in locations where local actors and regional programs have very limited or no capacity to address their urgent needs. The case worker must ensure that no other national or regional programs are available to assist the migrant before turning to GAF.